Needles all over: What to do if you find syringes in public

Syringes left by drug users are increasingly turning up in public places, and authorities offer this advice if you or your children should encounter any:



One thought on “Needles all over: What to do if you find syringes in public”

  1. My policeman/congressman/senator/president says I cant give my brother a clean syringe, if he should get a disease and die, its just too bad. My county supervisor likes to think hes so much wiser than all the doctors who say we should give away clean syringes. My community like to claim immunity on a basis of homophobia and lack of medical fact. Hey America, theres needles users sleeping with your daughters, your sons and husbands. We got a law that says you can own a needle without a prescription—do you really think that kept anyone from shooting up? All the politicians say we cant legalize exchange because it sends the wrong message—did you ever notice that at every corner store/billboard/tv screen the message is to buy Cigarettes and Alcohol? Drugs are everywhere, you cant stop them. Educate yourself.

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